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Delve operates on six core principles which we use to guide our actions in all aspects of our work. While many organizations have mission statements, the truth is that few hold themselves to their own self-set standard.

We believe strongly in these as core values and are willing to pursue them with considerable fervor.

DEPTH & INTEGRATION. To approach psychotherapy in a depth-oriented way that draws from many perspectives. In so doing, Delve dedicates itself to thinking deeply and flexibly about various approaches to helping clients pursue their needs, goals, and values.

ACCESS. To provide psychotherapy to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS & MULTICULTURAL COMPETENCY. To maintain a worldly and multicultural focus. We encourage all members of our team to maintain an international perspective and understanding at all times. We further implore all members of our practice to dedicate themselves to perpetual growth by increasing familiarity and connection with international pressures, events, and cultures. Lastly, we expect all practitioners, students, contractors, staff, supervisors, managers, and owners to be aware of multicultural factors in their work (especially in their communication) with others from all backgrounds.

DIGNITY & RESPECT. To preserve client, trainee, and employee dignity and respect at all times with special attention paid to those who experience systematic disempowerment and/or stigma.

CHANGE. To pursue systemic and institutional change in the field of psychotherapy and to align with and promote ongoing community partnership with other individuals, organizations, institutions and groups that hold similar ideals.

TRAINING. To contribute to the advancement of training in the field of psychotherapy by providing experiences, didactics, and supervision to students and license-seeking individuals consistent with the ideals listed above.

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