Book List

We believe books have the power to heal, inspire, connect, enrich, and affect. Here are a few we read and enjoyed.


We are passionate about this discipline. Here are a few books that help us think about the work, its history, administration and purpose.


Motivation is exceptionally difficult for many. Here are a few books we’ve found helpful.


This short collection represents our interest and dedication to deeper understanding of and commitment to positive relationship.


This is a small collection of books that have informed our thoughts about one’s relationship with themselves.


It can be hard to work with and manage our own emotions while actually allowing ourselves to feel. Here are some books that provide some perspective on emotion


Thoughts/cognitions, metacognitions and our thinking patterns and structures are exceptionally important to the ways that we see ourselves and others. This small collection can be an entry into this world

Social Justice

We believe in striving for deep understanding of social issues and are dedicated to international multicultural competency. These books have helped us stay connected with this ambition.


We’ve found that biographies and autobiographies can be an teach so much about life. Here are some that resonated with us.


This collection reflects our reverence for science and the scientific process.


We care about politics and believe in agitating for social and political change. Here are some texts that have informed our thoughts on the pursuit.


These and other books help us to contextualize our modern world, gain perspective, and identify important elements and figures from our past.