Payment options

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Delve is committed to working to expand access to affordable, high quality. Below, we’ll describe how we achieve this aim and how we are working to expand our options further.


Each clinician is on various insurance panels. While we seek to simplify this, we are not always able to align all providers on all plans. In general, we take BCBS, Aetna, United/Optum, and Cigna/Evernorth PPO plans. We are not currently on any HMO plans (but are exploring this option). If we are not in your insurance network, we can explore options together and often have multiple possible solutions including (but not limited to) sliding scale or out-of-network billing.

Deductibles, Copays and Coinsurance

A copay is a fixed amount you pay for each session. Your insurance company determines this and we are, contractually, not allowed to waive this fee.

A coinsurance is a percentage of the cost of service that you are responsible for. Again, your insurance provider determines this and we are not, contractually, permitted to waive this fee.


Many plans have a deductible. This is an amount required to be paid prior to the insurance offering any financial coverage. High deductibles can be scary and are often seen as a prohibitive for beginning therapy. We work with individuals who have high deductibles to build a proactive plan for paying off these amounts. We can do this over time, non-aggressively, by way of a payment plan with no interest. Essentially, we determine an amount you can afford per session and we charge that amount each week until the deductible is paid off. High deductibles do not have to mean you don’t get therapy.


One of the individuals in the couple is responsible for the billing. We encourage you to discuss this prior to beginning therapy. In the event of an overdue balance, it does fall to the individual identified as responsible for billing to cover this cost. Typically, if insurance is being utilized, the individual who is the “primary insured” (i.e., whose insurance is being used to pay for services) is going to be the party who is “responsible for billing.”

Sliding Scale

All of our providers are encouraged to see at least one client on sliding scale (even the owner). While this is their choice, you are welcome to ask each provider about their ability to see sliding scale clients at this time.

We, almost always, have a provider available to see clients on sliding scale or pro-bono.