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Delve is actively recruiting talented clinicians at all levels of degree and licensure progress. We offer 1099 and W2 positions with flexible scheduling options, higher pay than most other practices*, and are entirely work-from-home.

Immediate needs

We are most aggressively hiring for the following positions:

1. Fully-licensed, full-time clinician (LCSW, LCPC, LCP, LMFT, MD) interested in building a children’s-focused branch of the training program. PCIT training is preferred.
2. LCSW (Full or part-time) interested in providing clinical supervision.


The minimum caseload depends on a variety of factors and can be negotiated. However, most part-time employees build to and maintain a caseload of between 10 and 14 weekly clients. Full-time employees build to a caseload of between 15 and 25 clients. We place a cap of 25 clients per week for full-timers. We do not want you seeing more than 25 clients a week because it is our view that this will negatively impact the work and your mental health.


Your own marketing materials are the primary source of referrals. We will assist you in setting these up. We pay for one therapist directory listing, which we can select together. We do refer internally and often. You can determine which insurance panels you choose to join; however, joining fewer will likely impact the number of referrals you receive.

After-Hours Responding

Clinicians have an expectation to respond to clinical contacts on the day that they arrive.


If you require supervision for licensure completion, Delve has multiple supervisors available in most branches of psychotherapy.

If you are interested in supervising, Delve offers multiple opportunities for provision of clinical supervision to provisionally-licensed or degree-seeking clinicians.


If you are fully licensed, you set your schedule and caseload. There are minimum requirements, but these are negotiable and have been set to encourage clinicians to maximize their work-life balance and preserve their mental health.

No non-compete

If you want to work simultaneously with another practice or in another role, we have multiple options for achieving this. We can discuss these options and limitations.


We offer health insurance options and are working on offering more benefits presently. If there is a specific benefit you need, please let us know, and we can explore our options for offering this. We’re an actively growing practice looking to expand and improve our benefits package.

Treatment Modalities

We offer individual, couples, group, and family therapy. Fully licensed clinicians may elect which of these they prefer to offer. Offering fewer will likely impact the number of referrals you receive.

Provisionally licensed clinicians will be trained in the treatment modalities their supervisors advise.

Theoretical orientation

Delve is a depth-oriented practice and is only interested in working with clinicians who are interested in providing therapies of depth, insight, and relationship. Within this framework, however, therapists are free to operate from an orientation they feel is right for their work. Fully-licensed clinicians are free to direct all care in a manner they deem appropriate (assuming minimum clinical standards, ethics, and legal considerations are appropriately adhered to).

Provisionally-licensed clinicians will be invited to complete the Delve training series, which emphasizes an integrative, depth-oriented approach.

Applications and Materials

Delve believes firmly in application transparency and accountability. Therefore, we will not accept any application materials submitted on an applicant’s behalf. In further pursuit of transparency, Delve may share negative references with the applicant if negative references are received. Letters of recommendation/reference are optional and are viewed as enhancing an application.

Applications should be submitted in a single email to and should include:

  1. A current Vita, including your history of education, training experiences, skills, and a minimum of two references that may be contacted.
  2. Unofficial Graduate School Transcripts (PDF preferred).
  3. The body of the email can include a brief (~1 paragraph) note of interest. Cover letters are acceptable but not required.
  4. Evidence of licensure status (if provisionally or fully-licensed). If you are license-eligible, but currently unlicensed, please provide a brief summary of your licensure status and history.

Applications will be reviewed, and interviews offered on a rolling basis.

Questions regarding the program can also be sent to We are committed to ensuring that our employees are happy and well-supported. All of our clinicians are happy to speak with you regarding their experience working with us. Feel free to reach out to them to discuss the possibility of working with us. We get to check your references. You should get to check ours.

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