Delve Psychotherapy of Chicago is dedicated to providing depth-oriented psychotherapy and training as a means of better serving client populations and better contributing to trainee growth. We are a virtual psychotherapy practice utilizing virtual psychotherapy to expanded access to care for clients who might otherwise not be able to receive psychotherapy. Delve dedicates itself to integrated, depth-oriented practice that seeks to draw wisdom from many approaches to conceptualizing and positively affecting mental health. Our practice maintains a reverence for the history of psychotherapy and seeks to gain deeper understanding of the practice through an ongoing exploration of its history. Delve further dedicates itself to multicultural competency with an especially international focus, understanding the experiences and pressures faced by individuals from different cultural backgrounds as these impact their lives. Moreover, the practice dedicates itself to the preservation of dignity and respect for clients, trainees, and employees at all times. Delve commits to ongoing efforts to improve the practice, training, education, and administration of mental health care. Lastly, our practice is committed to providing training to students and license-seeking individuals consistent with the ideals listed above.

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