Lisa M. Lipscomb PhD
Administrative Director

I am the Administrative Director at Delve Psychotherapy of Chicago, where I bring my background in higher education and information technology to support the practice’s mission. With a PhD in Sociology and an MA in Media Studies from The New School, I’ve cultivated diverse interests, including workplace dynamics, professional regulation and ethics, labor rights, and social justice. Additionally, I have a passion for the history and philosophy of science and medicine. Before my role at Delve Psychotherapy, I’ve worn many hats, serving as an educator, researcher, and union organizer.

As the Administrative Director, I work behind the scenes, harnessing my expertise in sociology, information technology, and activism to ensure that Delve Psychotherapy thrives. My guiding principles revolve around organization, precision, and efficiency, and I possess a unique talent for navigating complex bureaucracies. My central mission is to support our dedicated team of therapists, enabling them to focus on our clients.

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a company that not only champions accessibility but also actively incorporates it into its operations. As someone who is neurodivergent and disabled, I resonate with Delve Psychotherapy’s commitment to dignity and respect, which allows employees to work in the way that best suits their strengths.

In close collaboration with the Executive Director, I play a pivotal role in implementing policies and procedures that facilitate the seamless functioning of the practice. This entails managing the revenue cycle, overseeing the hiring process, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Moreover, I actively contribute to our strategic planning and advocacy efforts, contributing to Delve Psychotherapy’s role in building a more inclusive world and identifying avenues for sustainable growth.