Adam Fominaya PhD, LCP
Executive and Clinical Director

While there are many quick-fix therapies in the world of mental health treatment, I believe that depth-based work is essential to creating change that truly sticks. As such, it is important for us to develop a strong, trusting and meaningful working relationship early in our work together and for us to use our relationship as the foundation for our successful work together. One of the gifts that therapy offers is an opportunity to be truly heard and supported. That foundation of support can be a powerful addition to one’s life when it is effectively developed between a client and therapist.

Every client is different. However, I find that therapy involves helping clients to build and maintain deeper, more meaningful relationships, to grow more comfortable with experiencing and responding to negative emotions, to grow more trusting of positive emotions and experiences, and to learn to view oneself more sympathetically and compassionately.

I work with adults of all ages, couples, and older adolescents. I especially enjoy working with young professionals, college students, therapists, artists and creatives (of all sorts). As I am the Director of Delve Psychotherapy of Chicago, there may be times that I cannot respond to your request for services myself. If this happens, one of our team-members will respond promptly (usually within 12 hours).