Jonas Ginsburg M.Ed., LCPC
Staff Therapist

I enjoy working with individuals from diverse backgrounds especially in terms of gender identity, familial origins, and diversity of lived experiences. My time living in Japan influenced my culturally inclusive approach, and taught me to value deeply the challenges that many may face acculturating in a new environment. Additionally, these experiences helped me understand and respect that life can be lived in many ways beyond those with which I have immediate experience. Finally, this experience has attuned me to the value of incorporating Eastern philosophies into my practice.

My approach often utilizes reflective-oriented therapy bridging many contextual elements and approaches (including psychodynamic, narrative, and mindfulness approaches). The underlying essence of my psychotherapeutic philosophy is the relational development between the therapist and client. I firmly believe that this relationship holds the power for wellness, recovery, and personal growth. 

As a final note, I enjoy working with artists and often employ art-response activities in my therapeutic work. If these approaches feel as though they would be a good fit for you, please reach out to me to discuss potentially working together!