Andrea Bink

Andrea Bink PhD, LCP

Are you struggling? Maybe you feel a disconnect between where you are and what you want to achieve. Maybe you’re taking a new path or would like to make a change and are unsure about what comes next. For a multitude of reasons, many adults feel like their lives are off track, and their goals are out of reach. Think of how your life would be different if you could start working toward your goals and ambitions, even if anxious thoughts about the future and negative feelings about yourself are telling you that you can’t succeed.

My specialty is working with adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, those who are adjusting to new life circumstances, and those who have concerns about relationships or communication. I help people learn how to identify what stops them in their tracks and guide them to find the tools that will help them move forward.

I believe that you can start living the life you so richly deserve. The thought of embarking on this journey can seem daunting and the path forward challenging. So first, take a moment for one or two deep breaths. Now, take the next step and call me today.


PhD: Illinois Institute of Technology
BA: University of California Riverside